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Water Vacuum Cleaner for Household

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Chunglimaqua Water Vacuum Cleaner for Household


Water vacuum cleaners are not only the use of water as a filter, but also using the water as the mop cloth, which was not required.


Can be a vacuum cleaning and water cleaning at the same time without mop cloth, So can be reduced to half the time and effort.


Water vacuum cleaner is a similar shape with normal vacuum cleaner, but is actively using the water in vacuum, which causes the cleaner performance was improved greatly.

  1. Aqua brush - One stop cleaning without rags

    Washing, vacuuming, and finishing with a threefold rubber wiper Chunglim's patent technology beyond any existing cleaners More effective than wiping with hand and less moisture after cleaning Check out the amazing result.

  2. Water Filter - catching ultrafine particles, a threat to health

    Two step aqua filter, a core technology of Chunglim, is better than clean room technology. All the dust is washed out, so there is no dust in the dust bag. Therefore, the problem of fine dust is solved fundamentally. Besides, anions from the aqua filter even purify the air.

  3. Brush optimal for cleaning dust off bedding

    The brush doesn't stick to thin cloths and is excellent in removing every type of dust with the help of a long hose. Its performance stands comparison with that of expensive cleaning devices dedicated to bedding. It even works better with thin blankets. It will be of great help to family's health when you use Aqua vacuum to clean every corner of your house.

  4. Various kinds of cleaning with one cleaner
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      Removing dust and mites Brush optimal for cleaning dust off bedding, curtains, sofas, and electronics. It doesn't stick to thin cloths and absorbs mites in cloths.
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      Washing and vacuuming window frames You can clean window frames easily by pouring water, brushing them, and absorbing dirty water. You can clean the inside of Kimchi refrigerators easily in the same way.
  5. No dust bag and washing. Easy maintenance

    Aqua Sweeper is a little different from existing vacuum cleaners in terms of the way it is used.
    Its marvelous performance is the result of perfect use of water. This makes the way of using it a little different from that of existing vacuum cleaners. Please pay attention to the difference when you use Aqua vacuum.

  6. High performance guaranteed by patent technologies
    We have produced various cleaners and provided customer service for ten years. Continuous product improvements based on customer opinions and technological accumulation enabled us to create new products of 2012. Consumers have been highly satisfied with our existing products and customer service. We will lead the world of aqua vacuum with technologically advanced new product of 2012 and customer service.


  • Model CLA 500Q, 220V, 60Hz, 1100W
  • Weight : 8.5Kg of Box(4.5kg of Main Body)
  • Box Size : 39 x 58 x 34cm
  • Body : 28 x 44 x 26cm

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Water Vacuum Cleaner for Household

Water Vacuum Cleaner for Household