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Water Vacuum Cleaner for commercial

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Chunglimaqua Water Vacuum Cleaner for commercial


Water vacuum cleaners are not only the use of water as a filter, but also using the water as the mop cloth, which was not required.


Can be a vacuum cleaning and water cleaning at the same time without mop cloth, So can be reduced to half the time and effort.


Water vacuum cleaner is a similar shape with normal vacuum cleaner, but is actively using the water in vacuum, which causes the cleaner performance was improved greatly.

  1. No need to wash rags
  2. Ability to clean up difficult parts such as doors and verandas
  3. Sanitary cleaning with water
  4. Removing 99.9% of fine dust, house dust, and yellow dust



  5. One stop cleaning : vacuuming and wiping at the same time
  6. No dust produced during cleaning
  7. Help with removing mites and preventing atopy and allergy
  8. No airborne dust and pleasant indoor environment


  • Model CLA 300, 220V, 60Hz, 1100W
  • Weight : 9.2Kg of Box(4.8kg of Main Body)
  • Box Size : 40 x 42 x 60cm
  • Body : 33 x 44 cm

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Water Vacuum Cleaner for commercial

Water Vacuum Cleaner for commercial

Water Vacuum Cleaner for commercial